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Chemical reaction which eliminates any traces of grease or oil without damaging the metal.


Sometimes screens will have to undergo a further step in the reclaiming process called dehazing. This additional step removes haze or "ghost images" left behind in the screen once the emulsion has been removed. Ghost images tend to faintly outline the open areas of previous stencils, hence the name. They are the result of ink residue trapped in the mesh, often in the knuckles of the mesh (the points where threads cross).


Visual aspect and tactile feedback rendered by embossing a material.

Direct coating

Coating process consisting in applying liquid ink directly onto a screen-printing screen.

Drying oven

A machine which heat can sterilise or dry.

Digital printing

The process of digital printing does not require the use of plates (or rubber blankets in the case of offset printing), and only requires digital data streaming directly from the computer to the printing machine. 




(desktop publishing)

Also called Computer Assisted Publication, this consists in making documents to be printed.