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Le clavier capacitif


Il est extrêmement important de faire la différence entre deux types d'interfaces homme-machine : l'écran tactile capacitif (dalle); 

et les interfaces capacitives (clavier capacitif).

Capacitive keypads


This keyboard uses semi-conductive technology; regardless of the type of surface you want to use (glass, polyester or polycarbonate), PIM Industry will assist you in choosing capacitive sensors to meet your performance criteria.

Made with a layer of 3.0 mm (or more) of tempered glass, they will resist any kind of use. No mechanical wear or ageing of this type of keys will impede the performance of this tactile technology. Backlighting can now be added to capacitive applications.

This technology allows you to unleash your creativity in the development of a capacitive keyboard fitting your wishes. PIM Industrie will manufacture your bespoke capacitive keyboards, from small to large scales. Get in touch !



clavier capacitif 


PIM Industrie sera votre interlocuteur dans la fabrication de claviers capacitifs sur mesure, de la petite à la grande série. Contactez-nous !