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Membrane Keypads

Either made of Lexan® or polyester, from 0.5mm of thickness, this user-machine interface is for you!


These membrane keypads are obtained through assembling layers of polyester or polycarbonate and adhesive. A flexible flat cable (FFC) enables a direct connection with your electronic device. 

This type of keyboard has been in use for quite a while for numerous electronic applications, as they stand out through technical, operational and aesthetic features which standard electromechanical keyboards struggle to provide. Flexible and waterproof, they can adapt to any type of substrate, regardless of its shape or use. 

Strong of its extended experience, PIM Industry offers a wide array of membrane keypads : from the simplest (flat-panel) to the most sophisticated (SMD integrated components, shielding...).


-All of our keypads can be integrated with a wide range of options:

    • LEDs ;
    • Micro-switches ;
    • (Independent) electromagnetic and/or electrostatic shielding ;
    • Sensor ;
    • (Integrated) SMD components ;
    • Heating system ;

clavier à membranes plat

Flat-panel membrane keypad (standard)


clavier à membranes coupelles fauteuil

Embossed keypads (thermoformed or domed-label)


 clavier à membranes coupelles leds

Dome-switch keypads


clavier à membranes LEDs de puissance

Backlit keypads


clavier à membranes afficheurs 7 sept segments 

7 Segment Display Keypad


pas d'image disponible 

Electroluminescent keypads



clavier à membrane élastomère 

Elastomeric keypads


clavier capacitif 

Capacitive keypads




All of our keypads are flexible and waterproof !