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 Illuminated POS advertising

Be it by its side to highlight the product or in the background to capture your attention, flexible illuminated circuit boards are easily integrated to promotional boxes, stands and other POS advertising displays thanks to their thinness (under 1mm thick). These systems allow infinite possibilities in terms of aesthetic appeal and to make your product shine and stand out.

Le dômage résine : l'étiquette 3D


Le doming appelé aussi adhésif en relief ou étiquette 3D ou étiquette dômée est une façon ludique de communiquer. Idéal pour la mise en relief de votre logo ou signature, il donner un effet 3D à votre image.

présentoir Lumineux PLV LEDs






Bring your products to fame !


The integration of LEDs in all colours and of different intensities will add prestige to your brand. Tailored to your product and to the promotional environment, illuminated POS advertising will bestow a feeling of luxury and modernity to your creations.

Make the most of the aluminium's nobility, of the plexiglas' purity, of the plastic's ease of use combined with LEDs lighting system for a unique presentation to your liking.

Every project being different, PIM Industrie will assist and help you make the most of your ideas. Contact us for a solution suited to your needs and wishes.