Membrane keyboards

Used for a long time in many electronics applications, membrane keyboards are distinguished by their technical, operational and aesthetic characteristics which standard electromechanical keyboards cannot provide.

Membrane keyboards consist of several circuits and overlays printed on polyester, all held in place by various adhesive layers.

PIM Industries has been a major actor in this sector since this technology was first developed during the 1980s. This experience means that PIM Industries can produce all types of membrane keyboards, from the simplest (flat keyboard) to the most complex (rotary or linear potentiometer, incorporation of SMD components, armour-plating...), in thicknesses of 0.5 to 5 mm.

 Adaptable to many applications, fully customized, interchangeable and easy to integrate, keyboards developed with PIM Industries meet the latest European and international standards and directives (RoHS, REACH...), with a constant target of absolute quality.

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