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This order is governed by our general purchasing terms.



All contrary terms stipulated on the acknowledgements receipt of order issued by our suppliers will be deemed null and void. As this order is the first document issued, our terms will prevail.



The order prices are those known by the buyer at the time the order is placed. Any alteration must be submitted in writing, accepted by us and confirmed in return by the usual means. Prices for global contracts are considered as being fixed and cannot therefore be modified during the period of contract.



The delivery times indicated by us are fixed and must in all cases be respected. In the case of a late delivery exceeding one week, the buyer reserves the right to claim compensation if he so wishes, for any prejudice incurred or to demand the immediate delivery of the order and to be delivered by any other company at the expense and risk of the faulty supplier. This is valid as from five days following the sending of a recorded delivery letter which has remained without a satisfactory answer.

In the case of a global contract, the schedule of delivery is considered as fixed. Any late delivery cannot be included in a collective delivery but automatically postpones the schedule of the order deliveries.

Any lack of information is the sole liability of the seller and the buyer reserves the right simply to cancel the order, either totally or partially or postpone the schedule of delivery of an instalment is late by more than 10 working days.



The specifications of equipment and materials must be in conformity with the others and samples submitted by the seller. Any discrepancy in terms of quality will result in the buyer sending an explicit, written complaint. The period of setting sit claims is fixed at 4 weeks. Beyond this time limit the buyer reserves the right to return the faulty material or equipment, without ant further explanation and without being bound to serve the seller. The supplier may not be released from his commitments not demand the immediate settlement of other outstanding debts by reason of this claim.



The terms of payment are at 30 days end of the month on 16th of each month, by any means, as the buyer sees fit, except for a contrary stipulation agreed by us.



In the event of litigation, the decision of the Courts of Commerce of COLMAR will be final.



All goods (or materials) for which the delivery at our warehouses is recorded between 25th and the end of the month will be considered as being delivered the following month and the related invoice will automatically be valid for the following month, unless the delivery time as expressly requested by the buyer falls into this date bracket, in the case of contention, only the original text in French has any legal value.